Friday, April 1, 2011

98 -- Sean Griswold's Head

Day 101 -- Book 98
Sean Griswold's Head -- Lindsey Leavitt

Payton's life is falling apart. Her dad has MS and the family decided that she didn't need to be worried with it. Once she finds out, she gives her family the silent treatment.

At school, she's referred to a councilor. Ms. Callahan suggests that Payton find a Focus Object, something she can use to distract her from what's going on. The obvious choice? Sean Griswold's head! He has sat in front of her for years.Jac, Payton's friend, takes the focus to an obsession. This causes the two to fight.

Payton and Sean really get to know each other. There are no labels placed on them.  Sean introduces her to bike riding.

Eventually, Payton starts cutting everyone out of her life. It's her way of dealing with what's going on. Obviously not the best way to handle things. Hopefully Payton will figure that out..

Recently, on Twitter, Lindsey commented about a possible sequel to Sean Griswold's Head.

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