Monday, April 4, 2011

104 -- The Girl Who Became a Beatle

Day 104 -- Book 104
The Girl Who Became a Beatle -- Greg Taylor

Regina is one of the four members of the Caverns. When they can't get any gigs, two of the members quit. Regina doesn't take this well. She makes a wish that she could be more famous then the Beatles.

The next morning, when Regina wakes up, MTV reporters and paparazzi are outside her house waiting to talk to her. All of her Beatles memorabilia was missing and replaced by Caverns items. Their first album is a replica of the Beatles first album.

Regina is quickly swooped up in being famous. The band heads to Los Angeles to attend the Grammys. Regina discovers that she and Julian, another band member dated, but have now broken up. She's now dating Bradley, the hot guy from television. She also figures out how others really feel about the diva she's become.

Regina must decide if she's going to stay in the world she's in now, being famous, or go back to her humdrum life.

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