Sunday, April 3, 2011

102 -- Bloody Times

Day 103 -- Book 102
Bloody Times -- James L Swanson

Sequel to Chasing Lincoln's Killer.

Bloody Times compares the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. They both lost loves and children to death before becoming presidents.

After Lee surrendered to Grant, the lives of the Lincolns and Davis' spin out of control. 

Lincoln was assassinated at Ford Theater. He died the next day. His body traveled by train from Washington, DC to Springfield, Illinois with many stops along the way.

Davis flees Richmond while it was being invaded by Grant and the Union troops, not realizing that Lincoln was dead. There were those who believed that Davis was involved in Lincoln's death. Davis was eventually arrested, but never tried for treason. He spent the rest of his life talking about the Confederates.

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