Tuesday, April 19, 2011

116 -- Eli the Good

Day 119 -- Book 116
Eli the Good -- Silas House

It's the summer of 1976, a summer of discovery for Eli and his family. His father fought in Vietnam. His mother is distant. Josie, his sister has decided to rebel against everything. Aunt Nell, who protested Vietnam, has moved in too.

Eli spends his time with his friend Edie. She's also going through some changes with her parents divorce. 

By eavesdropping and rummaging through letters, Eli discovers more about his family then he expected. Josie is his half-sister; they share a mother. His father killed a man in Vietnam and has never really gotten over it. Nell has come home because she has cancer.

Eli just wants everyone to be happy. Nell dubs him Eli the Good. He has good intentions and looks out for his family.

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