Wednesday, April 27, 2011

124 -- Carmen

Day 126 -- Book 124
Carmen -- Walter Dean Myers

Carmen is a modern, urban version of the classic. It is written as a play.

New York, Spanish Harlem. Jose is police officer questioning his lot in life. In walks Carmen, the sexy local girl, making him feel like he's found the answer to all his problems.

Jose gets into an altercation with another man over Carmen. He pulls a gun on him and flees the scene. He's also offered money for helping with a deal.

Jose can't seem to get over a letter that his mother wrote wanting him to find some nice girl and settle down. Carmen does not fit the nice girl image that his mother has.

Enter Escamillo, a singer/rapper/producer/businessman with the hots for Carmen and offers her another life.

If Jose can't have Carmen, then no one can.

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