Tuesday, April 26, 2011

120 -- Death Cloud

Day 125 -- Book 120
Death Cloud -- Andrew Lane

Deepdene School for Boys let out for the summer. Fourteen year old Sherlock waited for his father to show up. Instead, his brother Mycroft arrived to take him to their Uncle Sherrinford and Aunt Anna Holmes' house for the summer.

Mycroft returns to London, but not before securing a tutor by the name of Amyus Crowe for Sherlock. While on an investigation for mushrooms, Sherlock comes across a dead body covered in boils. This is the second death to occur in the town. After each death, a cloud leaves that area. It is later, that Sherlock discovers that they are bees.

Amyus, Sherlock, his friend Matty, and Amyus daughter Virginia leave for London in search of the band that is releasing the bees. Once they find them, they realize that there's more to their plotting then just a few men. They are after the entire British Army.

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