Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sweet - Emmy Laybourne

Sweet - Emmy Laybourne

A luxurious cruise ship is setting sail for a week long vacation. If you take this trip, you are guaranteed to lose weight. The ship is measured before leaving port and it will weigh less when it returns. The weight loss craze Solu will be on sale soon. This cruise is its launch party.

Laurel isn't sure about accepting her friend's invitation for the cruise, but decides she will. Besides, what could possibly go wrong? Laurel is seasick the first day out and does not take her Solu packets. She begins to see what it is doing to the other guests.

Tom is a former childhood star. He's working on a piece about Solu. He's doing interviews and filming. He never had any intention of taking the packets. He's careful what he puts in his body.

Tom and Laurel notice what is happening to the others on board the ship. They have become addicted to Solu. They will do ANYTHING to get their fix.

Suggested Level: Middle School and High School

The paperback released June 7. It has a different cover. I almost like it better.

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