Wednesday, April 20, 2011

117-- Resurrection Men

Day 120 -- Book 117
Resurrection Men -- T.K. Welsh

London, England 1830s

Victor watched his parents die at the hands of the soldiers. instead of killing him, they sell him as a cabin boy on a ship sailing west. Victor is injured while working on the ship. Because of this, he can no longer work and is thrown overboard.

He washes ashore in England and is taken in by an elderly gentleman until he can no longer take care of Victor. He then sells Victor to Mr. Tipple and Mr. Biggs.

They take Victor to London where he works for Master Hartley in exchange for room and board in his attic. Master Hartley sends kids out to work the streets of London begging for money. Victor also helps Mr. Tipple and Mr. Biggs rob graves for corpses. Known as the Resurrection Men for digging up the dead and selling their bodies to doctors for medical research.

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