Wednesday, April 27, 2011

122 -- We'll Always Have Summer

Day 126 -- Book 122
We'll Always Have Summer -- Jenny Han

Isabel "Belly" is now a freshman in college. She and Jeremiah have been dating for awhile now.

One evening at his fraternity house's party, Iz finds out something about Jeremiah's past. They get into a heated discussion and she refuses to speak to him.

Once she gives in, he proposes marriage. When their families are together for a dedication ceremony in honor of Susannah, Jeremiah's mother, they announce their engagement. Their families refuse to allow the marriage to happen.

Belly packs up and moves to the beach house for the remainder of the summer to plan the wedding without her family. Conrad is there. They skirt around each other until the night before the wedding when he finally confesses that he's always loved her. Is it too little too late for Belly?

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