Wednesday, April 27, 2011

123 -- Entwined

Day 126 -- Book 123
Entwined -- Heather Dixon

Azalea is the heir to the throne of Eathesbury.  She is also the eldest daughter of twelve girls. Her mother died giving birth to the last daughter Lily.

After her mother's death, the palace is in a period of mourning. This means that the girls are not allowed to dance, which is their passion.

They find a secret passage to a silver forest where they spend their evenings with The Keeper. Eventually, they discover that The Keeper is really out to get them.

Their father, the king, advertises for a young man to come and solve the mystery of where the girls go dancing each evening. He's really in search of a suitable man for Azalea.

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  1. This sounds really familiar to a fairy tale.. the one where the sisters go dancing until all hours of the night...WHat did you think of the book?