Wednesday, April 13, 2011

109 -- Exposed

Day 113 -- Book 109
Exposed -- Kimberly Marcus

Seniors Liz and Kate have been friends forever, but things are changing. They are changing. Liz thinks that Kate needs to continue her passion of dancing. This leads to an argument during their monthly sleepover. Liz storms upstairs to sleep. When she gets up in the morning, Kate is no longer there.
At school, Kate refuses to speak to Liz.

Eventually, the truth comes out. Kate accuses Liz's brother, Mike, of rape.

Liz's life starts spinning. Her family defends Mike. Things between Liz and her boyfriend, Brian, are strained. The kids at school sense that she's the sister of a rapist. Liz is losing her identity. Liz and Kate both know that their friendship will never be the same.

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