Friday, April 8, 2011

107 -- Where She Went

Day 108 -- Book 107
Where She Went -- Gayle Forman

Last time we saw Mia, she was waking up from a horrendous accident that claimed the lives of her parents and her brother.  Adam was there by her side.

It is now three years later. Adam lives in LA and  is star of the band Shooting Star. Mia is in New York and studied at Julliard. They have not seen each other since she left for school.

Adam finds himself wandering the streets of New York, killing time until his flight leaves for London. He is drawn to a concert hall, only to find out that Mia is there playing. They send the rest of the night together as a farewell to New York. Is this one last night also a final farewell to each other and the relationship they had?

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