Saturday, April 23, 2011

118 -- Hate List

Day 123 -- Book 118
Hate List -- Jennifer Brown

Valerie made a list. The Hate List. She didn't really hate everyone on the list. Yes, she was bullied and teased. She had no idea what would become of the people on that list.

Nick, Valerie's boyfriend, walked into the school Commons on May 2 and opened fire. He shot several students and a teacher. Valerie had no idea that Nick was going to do this. She jumped in his way to stop him. He shot her in the leg before turning the gun on himself.

Valerie is left to deal with the aftermath. Some see her as a hero, others see her as the person who pulled the trigger. Valerie just wants to make it through her senior   year unnoticed. There are too many people who won't let her.

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