Wednesday, March 16, 2011

86 -- Audrey, Wait!

Day 85 -- Book 86
Audrey, Wait! -- Robin Benway

 Who knew that breaking up with her boyfriend, Evan, that Audrey's life would start spinning? That's what happened. Evan wrote a song for his ban, Do-Gooders, about Audrey dumping him called Audrey, Wait! It became an overnight sensation.

Audrey is now famous. She makes out with Simon, singer of the Lolitas. She is believed to be a muse to other bands wanting to get her vibe. She's offered promotion jobs for cosmetic companies and the ice cream shop that she works at, Scooper Dooper.

Audrey just wants life to be normal. She wants to date James, her coworker, and leave her famous life behind her.

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