Tuesday, March 15, 2011

85 -- Demonglass

Day 84 -- Book 85
Demonglass -- Rachel Hawkins
Hex Hall Book #2

Sophie discovered that she's a demon. She's in love with the demon-hunter, Archer, who is trying to kill her. Life couldn't possibly get any weirder, right?

She's taken to England for the summer by her father, the head of the Council, to convince her that the Removal process is not her only choice. (She's joined by Jenna and Cal, her betrothed.) There she meets Nick and Daisy, both demons who were created. Sophie sets out to find out what is going on. Archer returns to show Sophie that he's really not out to kill her and that Hecate Hall is creating demons for war. Sophie must convince her father of what's going on at Hex Hall.

Book #3 will be published March 2012. 

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