Thursday, March 3, 2011

75 -- Deadly

Day 73 -- Book 75
Deadly -- Julie Chibbaro

In 1906, sixteen year old, Prudence Galewski comes in contact with "Typhoid Mary" Millon. She's not one of the people infected with typhoid. Instead, Prudence is one of the people to help solve the case.

Prudence doesn't want to be the typical factory worker or assistant that so many of the girls in her school are destined to become. She wants more. She wants to understand the disease that killed her brother. Prudence takes a job at the Department of Health and Sanitation. There, she is an assistant to Mr. Soper. Together they discover a connection between Mary Millon and the growing number of typhoid cases in and around New York.

Of course, Mary denies being a carrier. She's never been sick a day in her life. She feels picked on because of her Irish background.

Prudence is torn between science and love. Can she put aside her feelings to pursue medical school?

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