Thursday, May 26, 2011

So far behind!!

Time for an update on why I'm so far behind...First, let's call them what they really are...excuses.

1. I am involved in a ministry called Kairos Outside. Our weekend was May 13 - 15. For the crew, this involves getting up before 5am and going to bed after 11pm. I enjoy working the weekends, but they leave me no time for anything but sleep.

2. Number 1 requires recoop time.

3. Can't school just end already? Inventory. Stalking 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for their overdue books. Threatening them to get fine money. No money = No school dance (The Horror!!)

4. Scholastic Warehouse Sale - If you haven't been to one...GO! Books in a warehouse. It's like a library with a little less organization. Most books are 80% off!
(The closest warehouse to me is 3 hours away. We make a day of it. This year's trip involved my family and a trip to Cabella's for my husband. He went to the warehouse with me...)

Never fear...I will catch up! Summer is just around the corner. Tomorrow is the last day of school!

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