Saturday, May 7, 2011

132 -- Blank Confession

Day 136 -- Book 132
Blank Confession -- Pete Hautman

Shayne Blank walked into the police station and confessed to Detective Rawls that he killed someone. (Detective Rawls is used to talking to juveniles.)

Shayne shares his story of Mikey.

Mikey is a friend who was asked to hold on to Jon's, his sister's boyfriend, brown paper bag. Not really knowing what was in the bag, he threw it away when the drug dogs showed up for a routine check.  Jon threatens Mikey with bodily harm if he doesn't pay him $500, the cost of the drugs.

Jon also targets Shayne because he defends Mikey and Mikey's girlfriend has an obvious crush on Shayne.

Eventually, everything comes to an end in a surprising showdown.

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