Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Will Catch Up

The few followers I have may have noticed that I'm a kit behind on my quest to read a book a day. I promise that I will catch up!

There are 18 days left of school! Even better, the school district that my daughter attends has to go 5 days longer. I'll have an entire week of sleeping late and having the house to myself. Plenty of time to catch up.

I have reasons to my being behind on my reading.

One -- Baseball season is in full swing. I am an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan which is a difficult thing when you live in Texas. I love it when they play Houston because they are on FoxSW (The additional Fox Sports Channel we get. Yes, I've tried to get FoxSM. Somehow, we can put a satellite up in space, but I can't get a sports station out of area. YES! I'm bitter!) My husband bought me MLBtv. So, my evenings are spent watching baseball.

Yes, I could read while the game is on in the background...but that leads me to reason...

Two -- Angry Birds. That pretty much says it all.

Yes, I play Angry Birds while watching the St. Louis Cardinals.

Again, I promise that I will catch up. No more excuses!

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