Wednesday, May 4, 2011

130 -- Anya's Ghost

Day 133 -- Book 130
Anya's Ghost -- Vera Brosgol

Anya lives with her mother, a Russian immigrant, and her brother. She's considered an outcast by most in the private school she attends. So much so, that no one really notices when she goes missing for two days.

Anya fell down a well where she met the ghost of Emily. Emily had fallen down the well 90 years ago.

Once Anya is rescued, Emily follows her out of the well. Emily's ghost can only go where her bones are. Anya makes a necklace with Emily's bone and together they help Anya with her life. In return, Anya promises to find out who killed Emily.

Anya discovers that Emily wasn't murdered at all. She killed a young man and his girlfriend because she wanted him. Anya must find away to escape Emily's grasp.

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