Monday, February 28, 2011

73 -- The Call

Day 70 -- Book 73
The Call -- Michael Grant
Book #1 --The Magnificent 12

Mack has more phobias then you can name, and the list gets longer everyday.

He does have some excitement in his life. His hobby is to be chased by bullies. The last time he was chased, he ended up saving Stefan, the major school bully. Stefan decides that he must protect Mack. That's easier said then done because Mack has been told that it is his duty to save the world from the Pale Queen.

This quest takes Mack and Stefan all over the world. They meet all kinds of creatures. The first creature they meet? Golem who takes over in Mack's absence. Let's just say he doesn't quite know how to behave. Removing body parts is frowned upon.

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