Friday, February 11, 2011

54 -- Jane

Day 53 -- Book 54
Jane -- April Lindner

Jane Moone is on her own. Her parents died in an accident. Not having enough money to afford school at Sarah Lawrence, she drops out and finds work as a nanny. Not just any nanny. Her employer is Nico Rathburn, the famous rock star. Jane was hired because she doesn't follow all the tabloids. She does make an exception to learn a bit about her boss.

Time passes as she works for Mr. Rathburn. She knows she has fallen in love with him, but can't let her feelings be known. Secretly, he feels the same about her.

Once they discover that their love is reciprocated, they agree to marry. Unfortunately, they never make it all the way down the aisle. Jane discovers that Nico has been keeping secrets from her. Secrets that can't be ignored.

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