Wednesday, February 23, 2011

68 -- How to Survive Middle School

Day 65 -- Book 68
How to Survive Middle School -- Donna Gephart

Beginning sixth grader, David Greenberg aspires to be the next Jon Stewart. He creates his own videos and posts them on YouTube.

His, use to be friend, Elliott would help him until they had a fight. Now, Elliott and Tommy torment David at school. He's the subject of jokes and swirlies.

Things aren't much better at home. David's dad is despondent since his mother ran off with the farmer, his grandmother provides support, but it's not the same.


  1. Good luck with your quest to read a book a day! Some daze, er, days, I'm lucky if I have time to read the expiration date on a carton of milk!

    Happy reading,

  2. Thanks! I know exactly what you mean!
    Loved your book by the way, super cute! Can't wait to get it cataloged so my kiddos can check it out!

  3. This sounds like a cute book. I wish someone gave me a guide for surviving middle school.

    Last year I reviewed 52 books...I can't imagine doing 365! Good luck!

    I'm a new follower.