Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catching Up

Day 18 -- Book 17
I Am Number Four -- Pittacus Lore
Aliens. Numbers One, Two, and Three are dead. Number Four knows this. He knows that he's next. He's given himself a new name, John Smith. He and Henri, his adviser arrive in Paradise, Ohio for a new start. There, John meets a girl and has a best friend...things that are new to him. Things go great until alien conspiracies start floating around. John's cover is blown and the bad guys are after him.
The movie will released February 18, 2011.

Day 19 -- Book 18
Sucks to Be Me -- Kimberly Pauley
Mina has always known that her parents are vampires. Now, she must decide if she wants to become one too. She's enrolled in "How to be a Vampire" classes and her uncle Morty is guiding her along the way. Which will she choose?
There is a sequel called Still Sucks to Be Me.

Day 20 -- Book 19
Matched -- Ally Condie
The Society runs everything. There's no reason not to trust them. They choose your ideal mate, the number of children you'll have, when you die, and other life decisions. Cassia trusts them. Until she receives information about her match. The face of her long time friend Xander appears on the screen, but there's a glitch and the face of Ky shows up on the screen for an instant. The screen goes blank and it makes Cassia wonder if there was a mistake. Only, the Society doesn't make mistakes. Do they?

Day 21 -- Book 20
Dash & Lily's Book of Dares -- Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
Dash finds a red notebook on the shelf in his favorite bookstore. In it are several dares. He accept the dares left by Lily and leaves some in return. This process goes on for several days before Christmas. They try several times to meet. There are misunderstandings. Both Dash and Lily wonder if the person on paper is the same person in person.

Day 22 -- Book 21
Split -- Swati Avasthi
Jace has driven all night from Chicago to New Mexico. He has $3.84, a split lip, a black eye, and a secret. Jace was kicked out of his house and beaten up by his abusive father. His mom gave him the address to his brother's in New Mexico and promises to meet him there. Jace is taken in by his older brother Christian. They have quite a lot of history to sort out before their relationship can move on.

Day 23 -- Book 22
The Lying Game -- Sara Shepard
Emma is a goody girl. She does what she's suppose to, gets good grades, etc. When she is accused of taking money from her foster mother's purse, things go from bad to worse. A video of what appears to be of her murder surfaces. She finds a long lost twin sister, Sutton, on Facebook. They decide to meet. Emma arrives in Arizona only to be abducted by Sutton's friends. There's a bit of mistaken identity. Emma tries to tell them she's not Sutton. She even goes to the police. It appears as if Sutton and her friends have a game going called The Lying Game. Each lie has to be better then the previous one. They assume that Emma / Sutton is just playing along. And she is since she received a note that tells her to pretend to be Sutton or she's next.
This is the first book in The Lying Game series. Book #2 - Never Have I Ever comes out August 2, 2011.

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