Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Middle Grade New Releases - May 10, 2016

Magic Mirror - Susan Hill Long
A founding girl with a crooked leg and a crutch doesn't expect life to be easy. Indeed, Maggie's dearest wish is to simply not feel so alone. So when she spies a man behind bars in a magic mirror said to show one's truest desire, she feels sure he is the father she's always longed for -- and she sets off on a quest to find him. 

Royal Wedding Disaster - Meg Cabot
Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonete Harrison still finds it hard to believe she's a real live princess of Genovia who gets to live in an actual palace with a loving family, two poodles, and her very own pony! Of course things aren't going exactly like she imagined. Being a princess is way more complicated tham she expected. Fortunately, Grandmere is always happy to help...but her half sister, Mia, is so busy ruling the country, she barely has time for her own wedding. Book 2

Save Me a Seat - Sarah Weeks
Ravi has just moved to the United States from India and has always been at the top of his class; Joe has lived in the same town his whole life and has learning problems--but when their lives intersect int he first week of fifth grade they are brought together by a common enemy and the need to take control of their lives. (Junior Library Guild Selection)

Six Kids and a Stuffed Cat - Gary Paulsen
It seemed like a normal school day, until a horrible storm forced the very cautious school administration to make everyone hole up in a safe place. Six students find themselves stuck in a tiny, questionably smelly space--a school bathroom--with a stuffed cat for entertainment. Hijinks ensue and the unexpected happens. 

Theodore Boone: The Scandal - John Grisham
When an anonymous tip leads the school board to investigate a suspicious increase in scores at another local middle school, Theo finds himself thrust in the middle of a cheating scandal. With insider knowledge and his future on the line, Theo must follow his keen instincts to do what's right in the newest case for clever kid lawyer Theo Boone. Book 6

Waiting for Augusta - Jessica Lawson
In early 1960 Alabama, eleven-year-old Ben, carrying an urn with his father's ashes, sets out on an eventful journey to the Augusta National, "the Sistine Chapel of golf courses," to make peace with this father. (Junior Library Guild Selection)

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