Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hidden - Helen Frost

Hidden - Helen Frost

At a young age, Wren was abducted. She was left in the car while her mother went in to pay for gas and buy a soda. West took the car not knowing that Wren was in it.

Wren spent two days in the Monson's garage. Darra, West's daughter knew Wren had to be somewhere inside, but never found Wren before she disappeared.

Years later, when the girls are fourteen they both attend the same camp. They recognize each others names.

Can they come to terms with how the past changed their lives forever?


  1. This sounds like an interesting book. I liked The Parent Trap movie and this sounds kind of like a twist on that concept. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I read this book for a summer reading assignment, it was a very easy and quick read. It's perfect for kids who aren't avid readers, and the poetic format in which Helen Frost writes Hidden encourages readers to contemplate what they have just read. Also, Frost's writing in this book emphasizes the two very different voices of the girls, Wren and Darra. In my point of view, the story itself seems a little unbelievable. Frost, however, takes this extremely rare situation and manipulates the characters until you have this engaging, realistic dialouge and narrative between Wren and Darra. My only other problem with this book is that it was VERY hard for me to relate to these characters or this story. but that's just me. Happy reading, all!:)