Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Break

Christmas break began last Friday (December 17). Since then, I've read 6 books:

(1) Epitaph Road -- David Patneaude
The year is 2097. Elisha's Bear has killed almost all the men and is threatening to return. Kellen Dent has just discovered that his mother has something to do Elisha's Bear, but what? He starts questioning what happened to the men and what will happen to his father.

(2) Adios, Nirvana -- Conrad Wesselhoeft
Jonathan is dealing with the death of his twin brother. He's given up on school. As a result, he might be forced to repeat his junior year. The principal makes him a deal...attend class everyday and help a WWII vet write his memoirs. (Favorite line, "Float a turd.")

(3) Forgive My Fins -- Tera Lynn Childs
From the author of Oh.My.Gods and Goddess Bootcamp comes a tale about a girl with a tail. Lily is not only a mermaid, but also a princess. When Quince kisses her unexpectedly, things get a bit complicated. The kiss binds them together and they must visit her kingdom underwater to break the bond. Her father the king disagrees and makes them stay together to make sure this is really what Lily wants. As she gets to know Quince, her decision isn't as easy as she thought.

(4) The Half-Life of Planets -- Emily Franklin & Brendan Nalpin
Liana has been called a slut by her classmates and vowed to have a summer of not kissing anymore boys. On the first day of vacation, she meets Hank in the girls' restroom. They continue to meet over coffee and discuss Hank's obsession with music. Later he reveals that he has Asperger's. Liana isn't sure how to take the news. Hank believes that their relationship is ready to go to the next level...kissing. But her mixed signals have him confused.

(5) The Rise of Renegade X -- Chelsea M. Campbell
Damien Locke is the son of a mad scientist. He is sure that when he turns 16 he will follow in her footsteps and receive a V on his thumb to seal the deal. The other option is an H for superhero. Problem? Damien gets the mythical X. He finds out that his father is a superhero and he could go either way. Damien moves in with his father, step mother and half siblings, determined to still become a villain. Throughout the book, Damien is torn between doing what is right and what he knows a villain should do.

(6) Sisters Red -- Jackson Pearce
A modern day Little Red Riding Hood. Scarlett and Rosie take turns telling their story. It begins when they were attacked by a Fenrus, wolf. He killed their grandmother and left Scarlett scarred and missing an eye. This leads to them hunting Fenrus with their friend Silas. The relationship between Silas and Rosie blossom, but where does this leave Scarlett?

I've decided to try to read a book a day. I'm not going to start over on January 1st...HELLO...I've already read 6 books!

Technically, I'm already behind. Maybe I'll catch up over the summer.

6 read...350 to go.

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