Friday, June 17, 2016

The Fall of Butterflies - Andrea Portes

The Fall of Butterflies - Andrea Portes

Willa Parker is headed east to start new. It was her mother's idea for her to attend Pembroke Prep.
Willa has no intentions of staying there long. In fact, she doesn't plan to be around much longer.

The first person she meets is Remy Taft. Remy is the most intriguing girl on campus. Remy decides that she and Willa will be friends. Willa is around to Remy spiral out of control.

All Willa has ever wanted was to fit in. Remy helps her do that. Is there a cost?

Suggest Level: High School

Received an ARC at TLA.

I really like the published cover better than the ARC. What do you think?

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