Monday, January 28, 2013

My Sister's Stalker - Nancy Springer

My Sister's Stalker  - Nancy Springer

Rig misses sister Karma. They haven't really been close since their parents divorce, but it has gotten worse since she's now in college. She doesn't return calls or answer emails.

This prompts Rig to Google Karma. What he finds is beyond disturbing. He comes across a website containing photos of Karma. Photos that look like they were taken recently by someone watching her without her knowing.

Rig shows the pictures to his mother who thinks it's sweet that Karma has an admirer. Rig knows this isn't the case and gets his dad involved.

Rig and his father travel to Karma's college to let her know what's going on. This leads to a chase of her stalker and a kidnapping of Karma.

Can Rig and his family save her?

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