Monday, April 23, 2012

TLA 2012

I survived my 1st Texas Library Association Conference. Where's my badge/button/t-shirt?

I'm being very serious. There were 6 of us from my school district that travel the 8 hours 
(Google maps said it would only take 6 hours) to Houston. We had a minivan. I was driving. 

I enjoy driving...most of the time. 
 I'll get to that in a minute.

I enjoyed many free meals provided by Scholastic, EBSCO, and Capstone. 
Thank you for allowing me to eat my weight in pineapple!   

Sessions --- Well, I did make it to some. 4 counts as some. Right? 
(2 of which were mandatory for SPOT)
(I'm not making this sound any better for me, am I?)

I had a wonderful dinner with many fabulous authors. None of whom I spoke with. I was awestruck. 
(I was lucky enough to get the Poe t-shirt)

Back to the driving. A minivan. 6 women. 6 suitcases. 12 LARGE bags of books. 4 boxes of shoes. 
8 hours.

 Can't wait until Ft.Worth 2013!!

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