Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love & Leftovers

Love & Leftovers - Sarah Tregay

Marcie was uprooted from her life in Boise, Idaho when her mom left town for New Hampshire after discovering Marcie's dad with his boyfriend.

As the summer went on, Marcie realizes that they aren't there for summer vacation. Her mother plans to stay.

Marcie didn't realize that she'd be leaving her friend, Katie, her boyfriend, Linus, and the other "leftovers." (Leftovers are the kids in school that don't really belong to a group, or fall into two groups. Example: Jock/band member)

In New Hampshire, Marcie is determined to be in a different group. She sits with J.D., soccer jock, and there's an instant attraction. But what about Linus?

Marcie just wants to be loved. Her mother is depressed and doesn't leave the house. Marcie is on her own. The few phone conversations she has with her dad prompt him to send her a box of condoms and come get her from New Hampshire.  

Once back in Boise, Marcie doesn't feel like she fits in with the leftovers anymore. Life has moved on for all of them. She tells Linus that she cheated on him. Marcie is left alone.


Love & Leftovers is written in free verse. I enjoy books written this way. I get many non-readers to give them a try.

My only complaint with this book is that I wasn't warned ahead of time of the sexual content. It wouldn't have kept me from reading it, but I might not have bought it for my school. It's not graphic. In fact, no one has sex in Love & Leftovers. This book will find a home in my library for more mature readers.

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